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Killingly Youth Wrestling was established in 1989.  The objective of this club is to inspire and bring the youth in our community closer together through a common interest in sportsmanship, fair play, and fellowship.  KYW is open to all children from surrounding areas, from age 4 and up.


Wrestling is the oldest and most intense sport ever played, requiring coordination, mental awareness, and real time planning. There are no excuses, and there is only one winner to every match. The sport allows each player to focus on him/herself. Players that enjoy wrestling enjoy challenging themselves and are rewarded by dedication, discipline and focus.

Wrestling gives kids a safe outlet for stored up energy and release of frustration needed for mental stability. Wrestling gives kids great tools for their future including: quick thinking, planning, multitasking, and self awareness.

This community program is doing wonders to help bolster the confidence of the children who participate.

Practices are held from December through February four days a week, and in the off season two to three days a week at the Killingly Public Schools Central Office Building on Westfield Ave in Danielson.  More information can be found on the "Killingly Youth Wrestling" group page on Facebook.




Our Coaches are dedicated to helping our children reach their full potential.  We provide motivation on and off the mat to ensure KYW wrestlers are champions in life.  Our coaches have a blended background that includes:  High School Wrestling and Coaching, Collegiate Wrestling and Judo. Our coaches also are involved with coaching other youth sports including football and baseball.


Our Board meets about once per month during wrestling season.  We encourage everyone to participate; please attend a meeting or see one of the members below if you would like to help improve our club!

Head Coach: David Loomis


President:  Stephanie Booker

Vice President/Coach:  Dave Cathell

Treasurer:  Amanda-Lynn Loomis

Secretary:  Deanna LaRoche

Fundraising Coordinator:  Heather Comtois

Marketing Coordinator:  Tim Jonasch

Member/Coach: Joe LaRoche

Member/Coach: Rick Singh

Member: Kelly Codding

Member: Mark Codding

Member: Ashley Singh

Member: Kaitlyn Desrochers

Member: Matt Santaniello

Member: Open


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