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Wrestling -The oldest and most intense sport ever played. Wrestling requires coordination, mental awareness, and real time planning. There are no excuses, you need to learn to trust yourself, and rely on your own skills and instincts.  There is only one winner to every match. While this can seem harsh most find this as a reality check. This sport allows the player to focus on him/ her self. Players that enjoy wrestling enjoy challenging themselves and are rewarded by dedication, discipline, and focus.


Wrestling as a youth -As bones grow muscles try to keep up. This often causes kids to be clumsy or lacking in coordination as they adjust to the constant body changes. Wrestling helps stretch and strengthen ALL the ligaments, tendons, and muscles. No other sport works every joint and muscle the way wrestling does. Wrestlers gain physical strength and stamina as well as resistance to injury.


Mentally; we expect our children to sit quietly all day in school for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. Wrestling gives kids a safe outlet for stored up energy and release of frustration needed for mental stability. Wrestling gives kids great tools for their future -- quick thinking, planning, multitasking, and self awareness are just a few...


Wrestling health - Personal hygiene is extremely important for the individuals and the overall team.


Washing - Immediately after every practice take a nice long 15 minute warm shower. Use lots of SOAP as fungus & viruses can withstand a simple rinse. The warm shower will help relax muscles and allow the healing/ building process to begin. The soap will prevent skin disease. We don't want anyone to grow mushrooms ;)


Cold or Flu - If you didn't go to school because you were ill you are not allowed to practice. Even if you are feeling better. Get rest and fluids. If you have a cold do not show up to practice and expose the whole team. If we don't do this we will have a sick team for the whole season.


Clothing - Wash your gear. Wear clean workout clothes to practice. Wash your workout clothes soon after practice and consider them "contaminated" until washed. Make sure your clothes covers most of your skin and is cool enough to be very active. No baggy or very loose clothing as it will get in the way. Only wrestling shoes or socks are allowed on the mat. Wrestling shoes should not be worn anywhere other than to wrestle. Always treat your shoes as "contaminated" and wash the soles often.

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